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So you’ve got your own website up and running. Congratulations! That’s a giant step, and you should be proud of yourself. Your website is (so you think) a work of art, and has all the information anyone might need to know about you and your products. So now you can just sit back and watch the visitors (and dollars) come rolling in, right? WRONG!

Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to it than that, and building an attractive, functional, informative website is only the beginning of the work.

The real work, and the continuing necessity of any website, is keeping it updated with unique, interesting, relevant information. In fact, if you don’t update your website on a regular basis, you won’t get many return visitors, if you get any at all! Think about it from your own perspective if you went to a website a second time and nothing had changed, would you go back? Why would you bother? The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) determined through research that sites with the most return visits are those that are updated every single week. That sounds easy enough, but it can turn into a lot of work. BUT it’s necessary! Again, let’s make it personal: How would you like to turn on the Tv and see last week’s news again? So in exactly the same way, people who visit your website will only come back for something new, different, and interesting.

So do you have time for that kind of thing? Most business owners don’t have the time or the patience to keep their website updated on a weekly basis.

So let us handle that for you with our Webmaster Services!

By hiring an outside agency to handle your website, you can in effect have a full-time staff member whose main job is keeping your website up-to-date and constantly changing, without having to pay full-time payroll and benefits. Your website can be a money-maker while you SAVE money by using a Webmaster Service!

How does it work? Simple – if you want changes made, you email us the information, and we’ll impliment changes within two days, usually on the same day (not guaranteed). We’ll contact you with any questions, make the changes, then send you a review of the changes before we make them public. This can be anything from a new article or a whole new page, to something simple like a new staff member or changed location or contact information. All this is covered in our Webmaster Service Package:

* Five hours per month of professional Webmaster Services
* Any changes made within two business days – just email us the information!
* Package includes basic information changes up to and including minor website changes.

All this – easily a $500 value – for only $150 a month!

Now for the “Fine Print”… Five hours per month does not roll over to next month, but resets at the end of each month, and only applies to the website or domain for which the package was purchased. Also, a minimum of THREE MONTH’S commitment is required for all new accounts, full amount due in advance. After the third month, the contract can be changed to monthly, and can be cancelled any time afterward.

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