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Domain Registration

In case you were wondering, YES, we do offer domain registration! Unlike some other companies, you don’t have to register your domain with us in order to use our hosting. HOWEVER we recommend you do so, for a variety of reasons.

Let’s say you have a domain that’s been registered for some time now, and for whatever reason you need a new website hosting provider.

We’ll be happy to help you with all the technical changes required to set up hosting with us.

But if something goes wrong, and one day your site has simply disappeared, then we are very limitted in what we can do or what we can check in order to find the problem. It may be that your domain registry has been changed somehow, or for some reason they didn’t renew your registration. If your domain is registered with someone else, there’s no way we can check those settings.

Besides, when you have both domain registration and website hosting with us, you get the following benefits:

1. You get one bill, once a year, that covers both domain registration and website hosting. It’s much simpler!
2. Your domain is auto-renewed on your hosting account. No need to re-register and enter your financial information again!
3. If there is ever a problem, we can access all the necessary information to find, and fix, the problem.
4. Your domain is YOURS. We don’t own it, we just host it. That will never change!
5. Your domain is YOURS. We dont’ own it, we just host it. You can even sell it if you want!
6. Combined domain registration and website hosting will save you time, money, and stress.

So let us take all of the trouble out of starting a web presence.

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